About Us

Micropropagation by tissue culture is a technique of rapidly multiplying vegetative plant material from the mother plant on artificial media under in vitro condition. One of the major advantages of this technique is producing genetically identical plants which make them more desirable to the grower than conventionally-raised stock. The rate of propagation is also much greater than conventional methods which makes it very suitable when high volume production is needed. It may enable newly selected varieties to be made quickly and numerous plants to be produced (more independent of seasonal changes) in a short while. The growth of the plantlets are also uniform which make it easier for the grower when scheduling the harvest. Moreover, as the seedlings are produced in a strictly controlled environment, they are guaranteed to be disease-free, and strong against harsh conditions. 

PT. Hijau Surya Biotechindo is a micropropagation company based in Kisaran, North Sumatera, Indonesia. The company was established in 2012 and we come with a mission to become a world class tissue culture facility that are able to produce good quality, disease-free plants to our local and international customers at competitive prices. 

Besides providing good quality seedlings, we also supply chemicals and laboratory equipments to our customers, bringing the state of the art technologies particularly to Indonesian customers that are cost-efficient, disclose precise readings, and resulting a high productivity.