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Frequently Asked Question

Banana Young Plants

Currently we have var. Barangan Merah and var. Kepok Kuning Tanjung (Tanpa Jantung)

Altitude determines the harvest time.
Variety Low land High Land
Barangan Merah 8-10 months 10-12 months
Kepok Kuning Tanjung 10-12 months 12-14 months
In medium to high elevation, the flesh of the fruit can be more reddish orange, whereas there is no significant differences on the level of sweetness and texture.
var. Barangan Merah at 2.5 m x 2 m
var. Kepok Kuning Tanjung at 3 m x 3 m
the spacing depends on field condition, irrigation method, mechanization purposes, etc.
25-30 cm in Jiffy cocopith pellet
30-40 cm in polybag
Plants in Jiffy cocopith pellet can be delivered by land and air transport.
Styrofoam box 42x28x26 cm 100 plants Max ± 7 kg
Styrofoam box 62x49x38 cm 400-500 plants Max ± 25 kg
For quantity < 100 plants, we use ‘any’ carton box.

Plants in polybag
Delivered via land transport only. Customers should arrange for their own land transport for collection.
The tertiary hardened plants in polybag are ready for field planting.

Young plants in Jiffy
Plant and grow them in polybag for about 4-6 weeks and gradually reduce the shading intensity. Stronger plants will establish much quicker in the field.
Alternatively, put them in tray for 1-2 weeks then plant them in the field with shading. Gradually adapt to full sunlight over time.
Check further information about handling here