Lab Hijau Surya

About Us

Indonesia is one of the top banana producing countries in the world. However, the cultivation methods are still conventional and thus the productivity is low compared to other banana producing countries. In 2012 Hijau Surya was established with a mission to increase the local banana farmers’ productivity and sustainability. As a grower, the key factor for the optimum start to your cultivation process is strong and healthy planting materials.

Hijau Surya is a plant tissue culture company specializes in producing young banana plants. Our experienced team grow the young plants in our state-of-art laboratory and greenhouse under strict hygienic conditions. In 2016 our company was awarded the Certificate of Competent Producer and Distributor of Horticultural In Vitro Young Plants by the Agriculture Department of North Sumatera Province.

To ensure the genetic purity and health status of the mother plants prior to initiation in the lab, our company is in collaboration with Indonesian Tropical Fruit Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture to establish Mother Plant Foundation Blocks for several commercial banana varieties in Indonesia, for example Barangan Merah, Kepok Kuning Tanjung, Raja Bulu, Ameh Pasaman and Mas Kirana. We always go the extra mile to deliver the best young banana plants.

Over the years, we diversify our business for our continuous improvement. We are in collaboration with Indonesian Vegetable Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture to propagate the potato plantlets, variety of Granola L. On the other hand, the fact that Indonesia has vast biodiversity drives ourselves to propagate the tropical ornamental plants like Phalaenopsis, Philodendron, Epipremnum, Alocasia, Monstera and a few more. Thanks to our previous experience and knowledge in tropical orchid cultivation in 2008 under the name of ‘Anggrek Mas’.

Strategic Location

Our company is located in Kisaran, North Sumatera, Indonesia. We are located 145 km away from Kualanamu International Airport and through major logistic hubs like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, we are able to deliver our products efficiently to any airports worldwide. We are also located 60 km away from Kuala Tanjung International Hub Seaport which will become the largest seaport in Sumatera and the second largest in Indonesia.