Our tissue culture plants are propagated in the lab under the highest sterile conditions. They are monitored in strict quality control by our experienced teams in order to ensure our customers obtain the highest quality young plants. Our company is specialized in large-scale micro-propagation of banana plants. We offer local varieties such as Barangan Merah, Kepok Kuning Tanjung (budless) and Ameh Pasaman.

Certified Planting Material

by Agriculture Department of North Sumatera Province

  • Strong healthy plants and higher yield
  • Uniform plants for maintenance and harvest
  • Low or no genetic variation
  • Fast establishment and growing in the field

We receive order in two forms :

Secondary Hardened Plant

Jiffy 7c cocopith pellet medium

  • Supports air freight delivery
  • Unique potting system protects root damages during transport
  • Soiless potting medium avoids soil-borne pathogen infection to the plant
  • Plant in polybag before field planting

Tertiery Hardened Plant

Soil and compost mixture in polybag

  • For Land transport delivery
  • Preferable for Local Farmer
  • Ready for field planting



Contract-based Micro propagation

We also accept contract micro-propagation for other horticultural plants. Our customers can provide either the in vitro mother stocks or send the plants/explants to be initiated in our lab. The protocols are usually supplied by our customers or they can be tailored-made in our facility. Please feel free to discuss with us about your plan.